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How does online and telephone counselling work?

Online Counselling Can help as we are able to see each other from where you want to work from for example from the comfort of your home or from your workspace. Online counselling is carried out via secure and encrypted web platforms, you can work from your computer, tablet or phone. Just like telephone counselling you’ll need a private safe space to have your counselling session. Through online counselling I am able to share and show information and interventions via the online platform by screen sharing we can also work creatively online, where I have the items in the room to work face to face you may need to bring paper and pens for your session for your side of the screen. If there is a problem with working online such as an issue with internet we can continue on the telephone. When working online if it is possible I encourage you to use a personal private password protected computer or device and private e-mail address for our therapeutic exchanges and I will do the same. Virus and spyware definitions are regularly updated on my computer, I ask that you carry out similar safety precautions on your own computer. Telephone counselling works on the same principle and you would need the same privacy, but we cannot see each other. Some people find it easier and more comfortable to express themselves and have an extra feeling of being anonymous using the telephone. If you would like to work on the telephone something to think about is, how do you feel about not having any visual cues such as no body language or facial expressions? However non-verbal communication can be heard in your tone of voice or the pace of speech which can be picked up within the session.

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