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Couples Counselling

A relationship therapist/couples counsellor provides a safe, neutral space in which to express thoughts and feelings about a situation. Couples are encouraged to fully listen to their partner’s point of view and to be listened to in return. Increasing understanding of each other can reduce conflict and enable a more harmonious partnership . The therapist role is to be impartial and help facilitate a way through conflicts to find acceptable compromises or new ways forward.

Some issues that bring people to see a Couples Counsellor include:

  • anxiety and depression
  • health problems
  • stress from work
  • communication difficulties
  • difficulties around intimacy
  • family conflict
  • bereavement
  • infidelity
  • differing views (e.g. child rearing, finances, housework, hobbies, fidelity)
  • cultural/religious difference

Some difficulties in relationships may be due to early life experiences. For instance, a child in a family where talking about feelings was not encouraged may grow into an adult who finds communication about their feelings and emotions tricky. Struggling to express your own emotions or listen to a partner’s feelings may lead to a loss of intimacy or cause unhappiness in a relationship. In some cases, it can be helpful to discover how couples may have been affected by early life messages and to think about whether these messages are helpful now, or whether a different approach could be more successful.

For some couples, therapy may be an opportunity to decide whether their relationship has a future and if not, to end the relationship in a positive way.

This is not the same as relate. This can be for any relationship which is feeling difficult.
It does mean a commitment from both people in the relationship to attend for a number of sessions.

I will see you together for the first appointment, if you would both like an individual appointment, we will then arrange appointments separately, the following appointments will be together. We offer face to face appointments or online if it is difficult to attend in person.

If you feel you can benefit from our services

counselling room

Everyone welcome, face to face and online sessions available.

Location. Nookin 48 Leeds Road Oulton LS26 8JY near to Rothwell, Garforth, Castleford, Wakefield,

  close to motorway, on bus routes, free parking.

Click the link below to get directions to the our location at LS26

Also face to face sessions available Headingley Leeds 6.

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