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Payment required when booking each appointment to secure session. Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

48hr notice is required for cancellations, otherwise full fee applies.

1-1 Session – in person, online or telephone

50 min session £55.     Evenings from 6pm/Weekends £60

This service is with experienced counsellors who are at least 2 years post qualified. They are insured, DBS checked and have undertaken further training in a variety of areas.

They are used to dealing with more complex issues.


Student Therapist for £18

This is with one of our student counsellors currently undergoing training. For 1-1 sessions only.

Client’s issues must be determined as suitable during assessment to be able to see a trainee.

“Stuck on a waiting list?  This is your affordable option”

Our student counsellors are insured and DBS checked, fully supervised and are up to date with all the latest techniques and skills in psychology.

Qualified Counselling Therapists for £38

This service is with counsellors qualified within the last 2 years.

You’ll receive help from counsellors with over 100 hours experience working with clients.

Our counsellors are insured and supervised, DBS checked and are up to date with all the latest techniques and skills in psychology. This is a good option for anyone who thinks their issues require a more experienced professional.

“Need to see a qualified professional but stuck on a waiting list?  This is your affordable option”

Couples Counselling

50min session £70 – Evenings from 6pm/Weekends £75
90mins £105 – Evenings or Weekends £110

Our student counsellors are not able to work with couples.

Supervision Fees

  • £75 – 90 mins
  • £55 – 60 mins


  • £65 – 90mins
  • £44 – 60mins
  • £33 – 45mins


Patient and empathic

I have known Karen Pinder, as a client for a number of years. I found Karen to have great patience and empathy. She created a therapeutic environment whereby it felt safe to explore some very difficult and painful issues, which needed addressing so that I could move on with my life. When things hit crisis point, Karen walked alongside me through it and I never doubted her sincerity and commitment. Karen also employed a number of therapeutic approaches as a means of helping me find the strength to face what needed to be faced and value my achievements in doing so. She always achieved a good balance of professionalism and warmth, which contributed towards the safety and trust experienced during our therapeutic relationship.

Loss and Bereavement Support group

Within my community-based voluntary role, it became evident that many of our service users were struggling with grief but finding it difficult to access professional support. I knew that Karen has experience in this field and had helped me work through personal grief issues, she seemed the ideal person to lead our proposed ‘Loss and Bereavement’ Support group. This was a pilot group and we approached Karen to plan and deliver 12 sessions. Karen addressed several aspects of the grieving process, facilitated some very profound whole/ small group interactions and introduced several different approaches to self-care and well-being for people coping with loss. Those who attended spoke highly of the sessions, the retention rate was very good and members of the group expressed interest in the group continuing for longer. We are now seeking funding to ensure this happen, that the sessions will run on a more frequent basis and we will be only too glad to have Karen back on board. (Practice Health Champions)

Everyone welcome, face to face and online sessions available.

Location. Nookin 48 Leeds Road Oulton LS26 8JY near to Rothwell, Garforth, Castleford, Wakefield,

  close to motorway, on bus routes, free parking.

Click the link below to get directions to the our location at LS26

Also face to face sessions available Headingley Leeds 6.

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