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My supervision is a Post Graduate L7 supervision certificate, at The Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy – based on the seven-eyed model of supervision

The supervision style is based on the seven- eyed supervision process model (Peter Hawkins and Robin Shoet) I offer a comfortable environment where, as with Person Centred Counselling, the relationship is key. Working as a predominantly person centred Supervisor my aim is to provide a safe space in which the supervisee can have a supportive and meaningful experience. The relationship between supervisor and supervisee has important differences from a relationship between therapist and client, but is still underpinned by the core conditions of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard.  I believe  the relationship is vital in helping the supervisee feel accepted and not judged essentially helping the supervisee to enhance their self awareness both personally and professionally.

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My specialist area is loss and bereavement, Anxiety, trauma, working creatively, I also work with clients coping with stress, relationships, depression and much more. Supervision provides a space to explore and reflect not just upon the client work or dynamic but also to examine how it challenges you or affects you as an individual, being open to that challenge is where the growth happens. I work with individuals who are person centred and integrative, in my client work I enjoy working creatively and when appropriate will introduce this in to supervision if that is something which interests you. I work with qualified counsellors, newly qualified counsellors and counsellors in-training. Please call for more information.

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  • £75 – 90 mins
  • £55 – 60 mins


  • £65 – 90mins
  • £44 – 60mins
  • £33 – 45mins

We run group supervision

Group supervision.

I also run group supervision working with trainee’s and qualified counsellors. Where I facilitate the group by offering good ethical practice in a safe and comfortable environment, enabling counsellors to come together and support each-other and share their knowledge. This also builds up a good network of support, we are often working alone groups provide a good opportunity to meet other counsellors. If you would like further details and dates of groups supervision please email me –

How does group supervision compare to individual supervision?

therapy - lets talkIn a group there is the opportunity to listen as well as to talk. The very act of sharing with others who are also experiencing similar situations can substantially reduce feelings of isolation.

This is a therapeutic process in itself, and is good for building up a network of other counsellors.

A therapy group has the potential to provide a supportive and safe place within which to explore the thoughts and feelings that are always safe to express elsewhere else.

Will I have to reveal information about myself in a group?

No. It is common to feel anxious at first, the thought of joining a group and talking about yourself or your work can be difficult.

Most people will take a some time to feel at ease in a new group, and everyone goes at their own pace.

However, people usually feel better once they have begun to share their issues with others, and are reassured by the confidentiality of the group and listening to others.

This often helps and reassures you. Our groups are also about passing on information along with some activities, we understand the stresses we are all under in todays world and aim to provide you with some tools to help deal with these by introducing various activities and sharing knowledge and experience.


  • Coffee/tea
  • Introduction of leader(s)
  • A bit about yourselves and what you want from the group.
  • What the group would like to work on.
  • Information/techniques about various topics chosen by group ie how to manage anxiety/stress.
  • Discussion about individual work
  • Activities ie. Art, written expression, certain topic discussion/work
  • Sharing learning
  • Creative ideas

If you would like more information or know somebody who you think may be interested please contact us.


Everyone welcome, face to face and online sessions available.

Location. Nookin 48 Leeds Road Oulton LS26 8JY near to Rothwell, Garforth, Castleford, Wakefield,

  close to motorway, on bus routes, free parking.

Click the link below to get directions to the our location at LS26

Also face to face sessions available Headingley Leeds 6.

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