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What is person centred counselling?

The counsellor works with you to create a non-judgmental, empathic, therapeutic relationship. and by working together you are able to find a better understanding of your issues, therefore enabling ways forward to be explored.’   BACP 2017

Person centred counselling is a non-direct talking therapy created in the 1940’s by an American psychologist Dr Carl Rogers, which he designed to work upon the belief that we as people are unique individuals in our existence and possess the inner ability to grow as people in our own way given the right conditions.

At the very centre of this approach is the belief that you are the expert on your life and only you are capable of making the right decision for you when it comes to choosing the direction in which you wish to grow

In Person centred counselling, the counsellor works at creating the right environment in which you feel able to look at yourself and develop a greater understanding of your own thoughts, feelings and meanings. The counsellor is not there to analyse you or give you advice, but instead will be along side you, supporting and helping you to explore your own issues, with the belief that you will come to find your own ‘answers’.

We are not there to judge or tell you what to do, simply to be warm, accepting and honest with you, while working to understand what it means to be you in your world.

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