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How can Counselling help me?

We all experience challenging times in our lives that can leave us feeling confused, stressed and isolated. Personal Counselling is a way for you to talk about issues which are causing you concern. Sometimes, you can rely on the support of friends and family to get you through, but at other times, you may benefit from extra help. Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk about how you feel and to share your concerns.

You will be supported by your counsellor who will care for you and endeavour to understand your experience whilst offering support along the way as you change and grow. The journey can be difficult and sometimes may be distressing as you could be visiting things which have been locked away and not dealt with fully. Many people who enter into counselling find it to be a life changing experience. The process of counselling facilitates deep personal insight and increasingly meaningful self acceptance. These qualities are then usually taken into personal and work relationships and are a catalyst for wider change and fulfilment.

Counselling isn’t about being given advice; it is about exploring the issues and together finding a way forward. It is a positive move towards taking responsibility for your wellbeing, tackling your problems and taking control of your situation.

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